Ben Larkey

Ben is one of Australia's most versatile and experienced leadership development professionals. As the founder of Issues Based learning Ben is revolutionising the way people learn, work and lead.

About Learning Republic

Learning Republic’s innovative approach to the way individual’s and organisation’s learn, work and lead is not only impactful, grounded in relevance and application; but is a systemic, targeted learning approach that is both liberating and long lasting.

Ben Larkey founded Learning Republic in 2013.

Regarded as one of Australia’s most versatile and experienced leadership development professionals, Ben has more than 25 years experience working with over 500 business executives to build skills, development and executive action plans.

His service with high profile programs including his role as the Prime Minister’s Office Facilitator Advisor for the 2020 Summit (2009), and his experience with the Australian Defence Force and Special Air Services provides added perspective and understanding when leading change, getting engagement, building trust and drawing on courage.

* Australian Human Resources Industry (AHRI) – Two programs in the 2016 Top 5 Leadership Development Program Category.