Our Approach

Strengths Focus

Coaching harnesses and focuses individual strengths and potential.


We create a supportive and challenging place for individuals to explore and be their best.


We connect individuals own experience to the develop insights that help create sustainable change.


We believe that leaders possess the innate ability to coach – both themselves and others – but that most are using techniques that are unstructured and unconscious.

To be an effective coach, leaders need to be more deliberate in their methodology and approach to business coaching – regardless of whether you’re receiving coaching or guiding others.

This type of structure and methodology is beneficial across all types of coaching: business coaching, leadership and executive coaching, sales coaching, etc.


Coaching is a mindset and methodology that enables someone to become better at what they do. We deliver coaching consultancy by adhering to these principles:

Challenging – creating an environment for people to rise up to their best self

Impactful – delivering memorable and insightful experiences and content

Relevant – practical methods to solve the challenges individuals face

Enjoyable – an inclusive and fun environment for individuals and organisations


Coaching is an enabler – for ownership, for productivity improvement, for confidence-building and enhanced business performance. Achieving these things is not limited to certain types of people or organisations.

Whilst all leaders have an innate ability to coach, we believe that the ability to be an effective coach is not just for leaders but for all people at varying stages of their career.

Apply what you learn about coaching to your own career or to help others, either as a formal business coach or in your ongoing people management practice.

There is a moment in every conversation where you are either trying to solve a problem or coach a person, but you can’t do both.

Ben Larkey, Founder