Our Approach


We enable an openness to share and explore ideas and new ways of working.


We accelerate conversations to gain clarity and reach a decision.

Guarenteed Outcomes

We have conducted hundreds of planning and team workshops for small and large groups. We guarantee to achieve your workshop objectives.


The value of a good facilitator lies in our ability to engage people quickly, ask the right questions, and encourage participants to contribute to practical discussions that will lead toward meaningful change.

In group facilitation, we promote participant ownership and accountability in solving the challenges they and their organisations are facing. We believe helping people develop these skills is a core element of organisational learning programs.

When we design the meeting and take on the role of workshop facilitator, we make a point of creating an environment for ownership – whether in person or during virtual workshops.

The desired outcomes:

Ownership – We ensure all stakeholders contribute to the process in order to gain commitment the outcomes.

Clarity – Shared priorities that are agreed and documented

Alignment – Genuine change happens with strategies and personal alignment


Learning Republic believes in practical leadership. This translates to conducting workshops grounded in real challenges facing the individual and team.

We define facilitation as conducting group conversations in such a way to ensure that the group has maximum participation and achieves the stated objectives and outcomes in the agreed time frame.

Our ability to facilitate groups is about connecting the organisation’s strategy, priorities and culture to the performance outcomes they are seeking.


Our focus is to initially engage the leadership group around the single principle of the strategic direction for the team and organisation.

Our approach requires strong collaboration and engagement with you, the client sponsor, to ensure the program’s success on an ongoing basis.

We also offer highly engaging virtual facilitation – connecting national and global teams.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams