With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting markets and competition, organisations are faced with the unenviable but inevitable responsibility of navigating their teams, customers and suppliers through these extreme and unprecedented times. Never before has the importance of leadership skills and their impact been more relevant for organisations to survive and remain profitable.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Learning Republic is changing the game in leadership development. The company’s modus operandi is to revolutionise the approach to learning and work practices through a ‘learner-centric’ model whereby individuals are encouraged to choose their own unique strategies using a suite of digital toolkits to enable them to solve workplace challenges relevant to them. They can make the best decisions based on their knowledge and complete understanding of the situation. The Learning Republic‘s customised learning and reporting systems can analyse the learners’ skills and leadership challenges to get deeper insights into their capabilities and where the opportunities may exist for further focus and support.

Learning Republic provides scalable blended learning solutions to solve workplace issues in the client organization. The company’s solutions focus on collaborative and peer to peer learning for enhanced outcomes and can be delivered either virtually or face-to-face.

“Since every individual is unique, learning has to be delivered in a relevant and innovative way,” says
Ben Larkey, Founder and Director of Learning Republic. “Our solutions are playing a key role in preparing future leaders who are
agile, empowered and have an impact.”

Learning Republic has developed Issues Based Learning™, an adaptive, personalised learning approach that grows with the individual or organisation. Developed by Larkey, this approach provides leadership and sales capability training to individuals through highly experiential workshops and Playlist Maker™, a dynamic process in which a combination of skills and tools are created to solve a specific workplace issue. Team Learning Republic can track multiple issues faced by participants through workshops and online learning platform.

Learning Republic provides face-to-face training, virtual group learning sessions, and online coaching, among others. These are provided through the company’s online learning platform that supports teams and individuals across the globe in a cost-effective way. The platform can also be accessed by users from any location, at anytime. Learning Republic identified the need for micro-learning on topics that are not only concise but also clear to ensure individuals learn as efficiently as possible. In this pursuit, the company has designed its platform to comprise a library that has more than 30 curated microlearning modules consisting of videos, PDFs, and quiz. The online platform includes a private personal learning profile for the user to access and build over time.

Backed by its unique approach, Learning Republic strives to help organisations to build leadership traits among its employees. A case in point, Simplot Australia, a food and agriculture business that encompasses vegetable and seafood operations that supply chilled, frozen and shelf-stable products to Australia’s major retail and foodservice markets, implemented the Operational Leader Program (OLP) as part of its cultural change strategy for mid-level leaders. OLP covers a range of key focus areas, such as strategic and commercial understanding, leading teams through change and driving high performance, digital expertise, and more. The program is made up of a series of workshops, conducted over six months, to ensure there is sufficient time for individuals to apply the learning to their jobs. In joint collaboration between Simplot Australia and Learning Republic, the program is designed to include face-to-face workshops and one-to-one coaching through webinars and digital tools. Over the past 12 months, Simplot Australia has adopted Learning Republic’s online learning suite of products to further embed the Issues Based Learning™ learning experience.

Learning Republic will continue to focus and invest in learning solutions that are workplace-oriented, individualised, and can be delivered and tracked digitally. In addition, the company also plans to partner with North American companies. “We want to redefine the world.”