using the octopus metaphor, ben playfully recognises and explores the challenges of working with people with different behaviours and characteristics. harnessing a person's potential, experience and skill is like trying to dance with an octopus.


Explode the myth that to get things done you need to be ‘telling’ people what to do;

Challenge your mindset and beliefs about leadership, accountability and coaching;

Show you how to get more from people by ‘telling’ less and coaching more; and

Provide a practical guide to using The Five Critical Coaching Moments™ and a powerful
sequence of connected questions to build self-motivated people.

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introducing the five moments that matter

1 the pivot

The moment you change the focus to coaching the Person, not the Problem.

4 the convertor

Convert your concerns and experience into questions.

2 the gap

Without recognising the Gap there is no reason or motivation to change.

5 able 2.0

Role Play – get them to practice and demonstrate that they are able to do what they need to do next.

3 the edge

Critically challenge the solutions against Reality, Goal or Gap.

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