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Real CoachingTM – Making Coaching a Reality

Real CoachingTM – Making Coaching a Reality


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Real CoachingTM is an ecosystem of skills and tools to achieve the goal of behaviour and performance improvement. Real CoachingTM is built on the foundational principles of the G.R.O.W. Framework – the most common and best practice coaching framework in the market place. Real CoachingTM integrates phases of coaching with other in-house proprietary methods that have been developed over 12 years and considers 400+ client experiences. Real CoachingTM gives you all the tools you will need to learn how to coach, understand where each of these tools fit in the phase of coaching and when to use them.


Real CoachingTM Course Outline
  • Support to G.R.O.W: Examples and Make Your Own
  • Rule of 3 Questioning
  • Rule of 3 Example
  • Feedback: Foundations of S.B.I
  • Feedback: S.B.I Explained
  • Feedback: S.B.I Demo
  • Feedback: Handling Excuses
  • Real Coaching Level 2 – Explained
  • Framing the Coaching Conversation
  • The Gap
  • The Edge
  • Real Coaching Level 3 – Explained
  • Convert Concers
  • S.M.A.R.T.E.R Way
  • Real Coaching Level 4 – Explained
  • Willing & Able
  • Show Me
  • Line of Sight
  • Leaders as Teachers (Part 1)
  • Leaders as Teachers (Part 2)

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