The right team, working the right way, has unlimited potential.

~ Ben Larkey, Founder

Corporate Team Building Great Team Workshop

Creating a team should be done as a deliberate strategy in parallel with achieving other objectives.
Our Great Team Workshop provides the opportunity to run a corporate team building workshop that is special, impactful and leaves a lasting legacy well beyond the workshop

  • customised
  • unlimited
  • Onsite & online training

  • Curious Questions

    I am part of a team, and I am 'curious'...
    • How do we re-define ourselves after significant change and remain agile in the way we work?
    • How do we interact with each other to maximise each other’s strengths and get the best possible results?
    • How do we reduce roadblocks to drive change and find different ways of working?

    Key Outcomes

    • Accelerate the team into becoming a High Performing Team.
    • Develop a cohesive team with a clear team identity.
    • Transfer the learnings of the workshop back to the workplace through the use of practical tools.
    You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.         

    ~ Doug Floyd

    The Learning Republic Approach for Corporate Team Building Facilitation

    • Learning Republic will work with you to create an environment that promotes free-thinking, creativity, involvement, contribution and ownership - people perform best when they are having fun.
    • The individuals and team become the center of attention - not the process itself.
    • A team building event that delivers the answers and actions to the business challenges being addressed.

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