There is a moment in every conversation where you are either
trying to solve a problem or coach a person, but you can’t do both

~ Ben Larkey, Founder

The Five Critical Coaching
Moments™ Workshop

The Five Critical Coaching Moments™ is a simple, practical and memorable approach for how to motivate staff. Its purpose is to help you inspire others to act and take ownership, to get the outcome you want.

  • 1/2 day workshop
  • 5 modules
  • Onsite

Curious Questions

I am 'curious' and want to know why...
  • If I were given the choice between telling someone to do something or asking them what they think they should do, I choose tell?
  • Is it, I answer questions from people but don’t seek the reason for their question?
  • No matter how much time I invest in coaching another person, nothing really changes? How can I motivate them to change?

Key Outcomes

  • Know when and how to use The Five Critical Coaching Moments™.
  • Achieve real and meaningful change with others.
  • Learn hot to motivate your staff and team to step up and take ownership.
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

~ Mark Twain