Ben Larkey

Ben Larkey’s experience & exposure to CEOs of large and medium companies, including his development of business programs & facilitation of strategic workshops, has given him an enormous insight into the pressures facing successful senior executives, and exposure to the wide portfolio of approaches/strategies employed by some of the most successful leaders in the market place.

His board appointments, governance experience, equity / capital raising, reporting to shareholders and the successful sale of a business to a ASX200 company, has given him a personal experience into what is needed to develop a successful business. His service with the Australian SAS and high profile facilitations, including his role as Prime Minister’s Office Facilitator Advisor for the 2020 Summit (2009), provides added perspective and understanding when dealing with high pressure and challenging environments.

Ben offers a unique approach and skills to facilitate individuals and teams to articulate their personal drivers, needs and strengths; thereby enabling individuals to step up to the challenge of delivering on the aspirations of the business and create a sense of energy in the way they work. He has more than 25 years experience working with over 500 business executives to build skills development and executive action plans. This has been in the form of both individual and group executive leadership programs.

The right team, working the right way, has unlimited potential.

~ Ben Larkey


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