Top Leadership Issues


The list below has been defined as the top issues across the organisation in which you work. From this list choose the TOP 5 ISSUES that represent the biggest leadership challenges for you today.


Choose your top 5 Issues in order of priority by dragging them into the right hand tabs.
  • 1. How do I get a team member to take more accountablility?
  • 2. How do I talk to a team member who is constantly late?
  • 3. How do I deal with a team member who is resistant to change?
  • 4. How do I improve the performance of a team member?
  • 5. How do I enable a team member to make a decision?
  • 6. How do I get a team member to work more collaboratively?
  • 7. How do I encourage a team member to be brave and address issues directly with the appropriate individuals?
  • 8. How do I influence the outcome with an individual who is not a direct report of mine?
  • 9. How do I get a tream member to be open and accept feedback?
  • 10. How do I get my confidence back?
  • 11. how can I manage the impact of change on my team?
  • 12. How do I positively challenge my good performers?
  • 13. How do I structure a meeting so they are not a waste of time?
  • 14. How do I find time to do my job better?
  • 15. What can I do when I dont agree with my leader?
  • 16. How do I have more impact in meetings?
  • 17. How do I get my customers to trust me?
  • 18. How do I articulate the link between my team's objectives and our teams strategy?
  • 19. How can i help a person with their career aspirations?