Our Approach

Purposeful Fun

We double the focus on engaging the learner and use of insightful humour to enable a positive learning experience.


We provide a robust and targeted ‘eco–system’ of skills and tools on Leadership, Sales and Coaching.


We support individuals and teams to achieve measurable behaviour and performance improvement.



Today’s leaders are T-shaped, meaning they develop skills across a range of pillars and disciplines. Our training focuses on three skills we believe every emerging leader should master: leadership, sales and coaching.

Finding time for training, however, can be one of the barriers to broadening your skills. That’s why we offer online training.

Conducting your training online allows you to access to your course across any platform, anywhere and at any time, enabling you to take control of your learning experience.

Using an online learning environment also allows us to tailor your learning program with highly individualised content based on your goals, as well as deliver a superior user experience.

At Learning Republic, we have developed focused micro-learning modules that are succinct and clear. Topics are personalised to your individual experience, and the platform is intuitive and robust – allowing you to return to your course when it suits you.


Our Online Learning Programs are a series of curated micro-tutorials, targeted to both individual learners and scaleable program offerings for organisations.

For individuals, there are no term start dates. For organisations, the program delivery dates are structured around client requirements. Whilst all users can access course material on demand, as you need it. Training is in your control.

Course material is individualised and engaging, containing in-built surveys, quiz questions and a customised tool to facilitate our Issues Based Learning™ system and design a learning program to match your goals.

For individuals, 1:1 support and ongoing coaching services are available to extend and support ongoing learning. Courses are structured to achieve you and/or your organisation’s outcomes, whilst delivering a wholly individual experience for you, the learner.


Online Learning is suitable for individuals and organisations looking to build their capability across leadership, sales and coaching.

Individuals can learn at their own pace – when and where they want.

Whilst the individual learning is online, the ability to connect and share with your peers or your coach are some of the added features of our online learning solution.

You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.

Doug Floyd