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- 1.0790923389143 year ago

It was a moving experience to be at the ANZAC day parade yesterday in Melbourne. The whole morning to me was about… https://t.co/63o5O0FJQi
h J R

- 1.2196308663115 year ago

Thought about this from a resilience perspective. How many people have this potential but need opportunity? Thought… https://t.co/wgZFV6DIG0
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- 1.2800697932522 year ago

I have found a destination where I can start to share what I have learnt and what I believe makes a difference. I w… https://t.co/d8ZdQIRjtC
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- 1.2937998795028 year ago

This got me thinking - is this a short cut or design issue? I want to create a new pathways for Learners - that’s m… https://t.co/HsYEkyGoE8
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- 1.3075008878742 year ago

Issue: how Leaders challenge each other to get better results - 7 Steps for Keeping Conflict Healthy - AnneGrady https://t.co/x2CPJMYgnu
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- 1.3118641235413 year ago

If you want to be challenged on many levels and see a brand that is true to itself - visit Mona In Hobart!… https://t.co/BjN9MRyG2e
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- 1.3315487696601 year ago

A great reminder that workshops are not all about what happens in the room. Great conversations & relationships b… https://t.co/BCDwxKCMhV
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- 1.3533927574835 year ago

I believe issues cannot be solved by one thing but by https://t.co/e4QC1t50gy-walking, location & audaciously big q… https://t.co/ZqeJg22sn0
h J R

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The Curiosity Capital

Articles, videos and truthbombs to
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December 11 in Confidence / 2 min read

The Top 10 Complex Issues that Leaders are Facing, and Why Traditional Training Won’t Work.

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December 12 in Conflict / 7 min read

Reinventing Performance Management

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"The human mind once stretched by a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions."

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
December 13 in Feedback / 5 min read

Top 5 Workplace Solved using S.B.I. – The Process of Skillful Feedback.

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December 13 in Questioning / 10 min read

How To Master Effective Listening Skills, And Why It Matters

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December 13 in Relationships / 3 min read

Todd Davis: How To Build Effective Relationships At Work

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