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Book By Benedict J Larkey

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Identify your issues and check your current leadership toolkit. The self-assessment will indicate what you may want to learn about to solve your own challenges.

We want to Understand what’s Important to you.

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Creating performance, growth and value.
Realising extraordinary results with your leaders and teams.

Delivering innovative strategy and a meaningful plan.
Focusing on the critical decisions that matter, individually and as a team.

Challenging your leaders to deliver results while learning and having fun.
Creating self-directed empowered leaders and learners.

Facilitation of Great
Team & Planning Workshops.

We have proven innovative facilitation processes and skills to enable contribution and create collective ownership and lead to positive and meaningful prioritised plan and results.

Engaging strategic and operational planning workshops for alignment

Impactful High Performing Team Workshops which build collaboration

Engaging Team Offsites which build culture and personal connections.

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Building Capability – Increase impact and ROI of training.

We harness what is already inside the organisation and build internal champions through flexible, blended learning training and focused on workplace challenges. We develop and customise our methodologies that best suit your organisational culture and organisation goals.

Award winning Leadership Program for Frontline and Senior Leaders

Professional Services Proven Business Development (Sales) Programs

Deliver Blended and Virtual Learning to support organisation needs

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Coaching Matters - 80% of People Want More Coaching*

Becoming a World
Class Coach

Coaching is an enabler – for ownership, for productivity improvement, for confidence-building and enhanced business performance. We are award-winning subject matter experts on building the Coaching mindset and methodology that enables someone to become better at what they do.

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Learning Needs to Change -
Here is How It Can!

We have developed an adaptive, personalised learning approach that grows with the individual or organisation. Based on human-centred design principles, Issue Based LearningTM enables an individual to solve their own issues(s) with a toolkit of skills.

Targeted Self-Assessment to identify workplace needs and skills.

Issues Based Learning methodology to increase stickiness of learning.

Building learning culture through Peer to Peer sharing.

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Manage your Training better
with analytics.

We have converted our Award Winning Issues Based methodology to a digital experience platform. It enables individuals to become self-directed learners and the organisation to build learning experiences that can be measured.

Customisable Toolkits for individual and small business to access.

Effectively measuring the self-directed learning culture of participants.

Who we work with.

General Manager,
Big 4 Banking Institution Australia

I have had the greatest pleasure and privilege of working with Ben Larkey as my Executive Coach for the past 4 years. Ben’s ongoing coaching engagement has helped drive stronger self-awareness around leadership style and also an opportunity to discuss the attributes of the leader I am working towards. Ben will always ask considered open questions and overlay strategies and toolkit approaches to develop a method, solving for situational challenges and opportunities, essentially bringing the theory to life.