The Stick-eDifference

Our Technology increases solving workplace challenges in a repeatable and coachable way. We help you reduce the cost to develop leaders inside your organisation. You save money by being able to make data driven and insight led decisions on training.

Learn How To Solve Your Workplace Issues In less than 10 minutes.

Individual Self-Asssesment

Find out what you need to know and if you have what you need to solve your issues.

Access Skills

We have customised skills and content for your to access from your own profile.

Best Practice

We send you the best practice tools to be able to solve your common challenges.

Create Your Own Solution

You learn how to solve your own challenges using the our unique Learning Playlist Maker(TM).

Find out how much you know(or don’t know)

Your survey will show your knowledge of best practice leadership skills and identity your workplace challenges.

It’s free and only takes 5 minutes. Click here and we will send you an email with the link to survey.

It’s Free. It only take 4-7 minutes. Sent to you via a link.

Capability to make learning Stick

We are specialists in providing engaging & interactive experiences using ourStick-e Digital Learning platform.

Leadership Essentials

Curated essential leadership tools required to solve common leadership challenges.

21 core tools

On-boarding experience

Access to Learning Playlist Maker™

Access to videos and extra materials

Sales Fundamentals

Specially developed methodology ,frameworks and skills to win more business.

1 BD Sales Wheel

1 BD Sales Meeting structure

13 core skills

On-boarding experience

Access to Learning Playlist Maker™

Access to videos and extra materials

Customised Toolkits

We recognise an organisation may have preferred models as part of their suite of programs.

We work with you to tailor and customise the Learning Experience Platform to include the Skills and tools needed to be make ‘stick-e’ for your teams.

Contact us to discuss your needs

Why Stick-e Works

Individual Experience

  • Choose Your Own Adventure – An uncapped opportunity to be better
  • Access to a proven, simple ‘method’ to solve workplace challenges
  • Increase personal ownership to solve workplace challenges
  • Create new habits of thinking and doing

True Scalable Leadership

  • Build a central ‘library of skills, tools and process for ongoing employee access
  • Accelerate exposure to tools that can change performance
  • Reduce the cost of training compared to traditional programs

Report, Data and ROI

  • Measure the use of learning back in the workplace
  • Integrate data-driven insights into learning across teams
  • Identify patterns and trends for solving workplace problems

Individuals & Coaches

1 Person

$1,800 / pp

  • List item here
  • List item here
  • List item here

Small - Medium Business

2 - 100 People

$1,800 / per month

  • List item here
  • List item here
  • List item here


101 - 1000+ People

$1,800 / per month

  • List item here
  • List item here
  • List item here

Frequently Asked Questions

You have access for up to 12 months.

You have the opportunity to assess your awareness, confidence and skills at the start and end of the program.

Yes – Your Organisation can customise the toolkit. Contact us to discuss options.

We provide packages for individuals and organisations as well as additional coaching support if required.

Contact us to discuss options.

For Individuals – who want to accelerate their careers.

For Coaches – who want to add more value to their clients.

For Organisations – who want to unlock their investment in training.

We have the latest privacy settings to keep you data safe. Please see our Privacy policy for more information.

Your personal profile provides access to track your learning and save your program data all in one location.

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